Thursday, November 13, 2014

InfantSEE Success Story - Dr. Arnold Bierman

The following success story comes from Dr. Arnold Bierman.

A 10-month-old patient was brought to Dr. Bierman due to the child’s lateness in crawling, standing and walking. The patient’s mother told Dr. Bierman that there was a history of bad eyesight on the patient’s father’s side and she wanted to rule out visual problems that might be contributing to developmental delay.

Upon examination, Dr. Bierman discovered the patient was significantly farsighted in each eye, the right eye being +4.25 and the left eye +5.25 on objective near point retinoscopy. He informed the mother that glasses would be best for the child.

This is when obstacles presented themselves to Dr. Bierman and the patient. The child’s pediatrician requested a report of Dr. Bierman’s findings, and the child’s father did not want the baby to have glasses. While in contact with the pediatrician, Dr. Bierman found out that an appointment for the patient was already made to have him evaluated by a pediatric ophthalmologist despite his having been examined and diagnosed by Dr. Bierman.

Following that appointment, the chief pediatric ophthalmologist at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia spoke with Dr. Bierman and told him that all his findings were valid and he agreed with Dr. Bierman’s desired course of action. The family followed through with Dr. Bierman’s original recommendations and ordered the glasses. Dr. Bierman contacted the patient’s mother to check in with the boy and the mother reported that “he’s like a different child” now.

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