Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vision Expo East

For members heading to New York for Vision Expo East from March 27-30, don't forget about the benefits you receive as a POA member:

  • Free exhibit hall pass – a $75 value 
  • Complementary lunch in Club Vision on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 
  • Exclusive discounts off CE 
  • Dedicated desk in the registration area
  • Discounts on Broadway shows and famous attractions

Also, don't miss Dr. Greg Caldwell's POA-sponsored CE on Friday, March 28: Oral Pharmaceutical Agents for the Treatment of Anterior Segment Pathologies (OD Course #21B1; 8:30 - 10:30 AM) and Thyroid Dysfunction and the Eye (OD Course #23B1; 11:00 AM - noon). POA members receive an exclusive discount on Dr. Caldwell's course as well.

See the flyer in the March/April Keystoner for more information.

Regulatory Reminder

DEA numbers cannot be preprinted on prescriptions

POA recently received a letter from the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association (PPA) regarding invalid prescriptions that contain preprinted DEA numbers on their face. The letter reiterated the language of the Controlled Substances, Drugs, Devices and Cosmetics Act that prohibits the preprinting of DEA numbers on prescription forms. PA Controlled Substance Requirement 25.53(e) states:

“The Federal Drug Enforcement Administration registration number cannot be preprinted on the prescription form.”

Since preprinting DEA numbers on prescription forms is prohibited in Pennsylvania, DEA numbers must be added at the time the prescription is written.
PPA has reminded its membership about this issue and has asked professional health associations to remind their memberships of the requirements of the law.
POA’s blog, The POAeyes Post, contains a June 21, 2013 post dedicated to prescription requirements in Pennsylvania, which can be viewed at http://www.poaeyes.blogspot.com/2013/06/prescription-requirements-in.html. In addition to the DEA number issue, it includes detailed information on spectacle, contact lens, pharmaceutical and Medicaid prescription requirements.

PPA has advised that if a pharmacist receives a prescription with a preprinted DEA number, the prescription is considered invalid and the prescription should not be filled. Instead, the pharmacist should request that the patient obtain a new prescription or contact the prescriber directly, both options causing a delay that could harm the patient.

PPA has been informed that auditing entities are denying claims and recouping 100% of the claim or refills for prescriptions that have a preprinted DEA number.